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About me

[Antonio Cavedoni] I’m 31 years-old and I’m from Sassuolo, Modena, Italy. Since February 2006 I have been a partner in the studio Bunker in Modena, working as a Web designer and developer. Since June 2009 I have been working as an intern in the Type Group at Apple, Inc., in Cupertino CA.

My life as a student passed through Reggio Emilia, Italy and Bristol, UK (communications), and Reading, UK (typeface design). I like learning.


My email address is

I’m pretty much always online on my various instant messaging accounts, you’ll find them all in my vCard below.

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Typography & stuff

Enquire 2008-2009
Enquire is a family of typefaces I designed while at Reading. It is a top-heavy family with sans & serif members. You can take a look at the specimen or read all about its development in the reflection on practice document
Dispatches from Reading 2008-2009
I spent a year in Reading, UK, studying typeface design. This is somewhat of a diary of my journey through letters & fish & chips
Pangramming 2008.05.11
A toy Web application to write and publish pangrams online. I wrote it during PyCon Due in Firenze. In the source code you will also find an experimental porting of the app to Google App Engine, you can use it as a starting point to build more interesting stuff of your own
Aligner 2008.03.31
A FontLab Studio/RoboFab macro class implementing align left/top/right/bottom functions for contours, oddly missing from FontLab Studio
FontLab Tokenizer 2008.01.17
Tokenize FontLab’s preview/metrics text into single characters respecting escaped glyph names (eg. “/A.smcp”) and providing a lossless reverse function
Automatic Text 2007.10.28
A useful way to check your kerning/spacing in FontLab Studio 5, modeled after an ancient FontStudio feature
Italic 2.0 2007-2008
A survey of Italian type design: two of my fonts, Clara and Micerino, have been been published on the Web site. Keep reloading the home page to see them appearing in the masthead (or take a shortcut)
Venti Caratteruzzi 2007.10
A quote by Galileo Galilei concerning the alphabet
Bunker alla Tipoteca 2007.06
An account of the visit we did at the Tipoteca, a museum about printing and typography in Cornuda, Treviso, Italia
Two quotes from Jean-François Porchez 2007.07
Two quotes from JFP from David Earls Designing Typefaces, which is a series of interviews with type designers of note
Credo 2007.02
Il “credo” tipografico di Giovanni Mardersteig
This is a printing office 2007.01
A digital remake (warning: in PDF) of Beatrice Warde’s 1932 Monotype advertising poster for Eric Gill’s Perpetua Titling
Il carattere romano è un magnifico dono dell’Italia al mondo 2007.05
L’alter ego rinascimentale di James Clough, Giacomo Coloffo, in una lode al carattere romano e al paese in cui è nato

Code & stuff

Django Google Search 2008.08.31
A wrapper around Google’s Site Search XML service, ready to plug into your own Django Web project
feed.php 2007.10.02
A very small library to generate Atom 1.0 and RSS 2.0 feeds from PHP 5, somewhat modeled on the Django feed writing library
Notes from Hackday 2007.06.19
I attended Yahoo and BBC’s Hackday event in London and posted some notes and screenshots from my unfinished hacks. Hackday was brilliant anyway, can’t wait for the next one
PyCon Uno 2007.06.10
The first Italian conference on Python was held on the 9th and 10th of June, 2007. For some reason I was among the organizers of the conference; I also held a tutorial on Python an Unicode; you can download my slides
Chatterbox 2007–?
I occasionally post stuff to this tumblelog where we take notes on Python, programming, technology, etc. My posts are also available through this Yahoo! Pipe
Venus’ Django templates support 2007.02.14
I hooked the Django templating system with Venus, Sam Ruby’s refactoring of the Planet codebase
Statusbot 2006.12.14
The script that currently powers used to power this site home page, displaying one’s Jabber/Google Talk status on a Web page
Jabber Bot 2006.12.14
A rather minimal Jabber/Google Talk bot implementation on top of xmpppy
SSL Middleware 2006.10.05
A Django middleware for HTTP/HTTPS URIs
Django mode 2006.08.31
Syntax highlight definitions for Django templates in Emacs
Palidator 2005–?
An automated, daily validity check on some sites of the Italian Public Administration
Basecamp daily report 2006.10
A Python script that automatically logs into a Basecamp site and posts a daily activity report from one project to another
Unicoders 2006.10–?
Various hacks having to do with Django, Python and Unicode, shared with Stefano Attardi
Django model to Graphviz DOT file converter 2006
A small hack to better visualize one’s Django models
Validator newsfeed 2005.11.15
An XSLT stylesheet that generates the Atom newsfeed for the popular W3C markup validtion service
Atom 0.3 to RSS 1.0 2004.02—2007.07
A retired conversion web service
Id-Ego-Superego 2004.04.01
Add id="" attributes to every element on your web page

Miscellanea (= everything)

Notizie illustrate 2006–?
How images get used as commentary on daily (Italian) newspaper Web sites
Una domenica da parroco (di campagna)
A day in the life of Don Giuliano Guidetti
The Joe Clark Micropatronage Project
I designed some banners to help lining Joe’s pockets
Of course I have heroes
An incomplete list of people that left a mark
You can only work with people you like
Milton Glaser’s take on clients. I’m not sure I specifically subscribe to this theory, but it sure feels true in my own experience as well
The fear of making a mistake
Nice quote from Alan Fletcher’s The Art of Looking Sideways
My 2005–?
I tend to update this collection of links when I have something I feel is worth sharing and/or saving for a later read
Archivi di Blogorroico 2000—2005
Sei anni di “elucubrazioni quotidiane”
Dispatches from Bristol 2002.10—2003.04
Racconti da un Erasmus
Zio Radio 2004.11.14—2004.11.21
Un buon motivo per lavarsi le orecchie
Vangelo del giorno 2006—?
Un feed con la lettura del giorno

None of the above