Hello, you are on the very spartan Web page of Antonio Cavedoni ¶  I live & work in Milano on what I like to call “lettering at large:” research, design, and engineering related to type, lettering, calligraphy & epigraphy ¶  I moved back here in 2016, after seven years of designing & engineering fonts at Apple, in California ¶ In 2017, Elisa Rebellato & I curated the first exhibition on the work of Francesco Simoncini (a catalog is available.) I also wrote about the process in this article: Behind Simoncini’s Glasses ¶ 2020 was… interesting. During lockdown I gave a talk at Associazione Calligrafica Italiana, but we’re still deciding on whether it will be posted online or not ¶ Other talks I’ve given in previous years about type & lettering: Micro Adjustments & Beyond at TypeParis 2019; The Officine Simoncini at ATypI 2018; On Pacioli’s Letters & the Debate Between “Art” and “Science” at Kerning 2017; Typography & Fonts at WWDC 2016; and Introducing the New System Fonts at WWDC 2015 ¶ I sometimes tweet and will gladly receive your email ¶ On June 19th, 2018, at the Tipoteca in Cornuda, I announced the Fonderia Cavedoni, my new adventure with letters (& numbers, & c.)! ¶ A lot of unplanned things happened since then, mostly good, although I’m not sure that’s how I would describe the pandemic. But hey… we’re still alive, and kicking! Don’t forget to like & subscribe, and see you soon. –AC