Wednesday, 25 February 2009


And I thought the essay deadline made me busy!

White Reading

February blazed by like it almost never happened: first the country was stopped because of the snow then we had two Gerard Unger visits – critiquing our designs and lecturing on his own work and on Excoffon (yay!) and Dwiggins (double yay!), Victor Gaultney – on his work on multi-script type design and cyrillics in particular, Per Mollerup – on signage and wayshowing, John Hudson – doing a workshop on how to harmonise invented shapes with existing designs, Fiona Ross – doing her usual workshops, this time on South Indian scripts, and finally a delegation from the ESAD school in Amiens, including Sébastien Morlighem, Alice Walter (the I love Banco girl!), Patrick Doan, Raphaël de Courville, etc.

Meanwhile I kept on working on my typeface project: I’m pretty much settled with my lowercase sans & serif and I’m working on my uppercases at the moment (while keeping an eye on italics and possible weight expansions). Essentially we’re reaching a stage in the MA where we work on our projects most of the time, receive crits from Gerry, Gerard, Victor or other visitors, then keep working some more, rinse, repeat… It’s demanding work, but it’s why I’m here and I’m loving it!

Yesterday we also had the first ‘feedback’ session on our essays. I put the quotes because Gerry tried a new method with us this year, having us read, correct and mark the essay of one of our classmates. We’ll see how it goes, I guess. Tomorrow or next week we should receive a formal feedback with marks and feedback from our supervisors.

Oh, and next week most of us will be in Den Haag, for Robothon 2009. I’m looking forward to meet even more people!


Blogger Elí said...

All those things sound amazing, I'm sure all the students are learning many things they ever have thought about. Hope to study there soon.

25 February 2009 23:09  

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