Tuesday, 7 October 2008

First lecture

Today we walked to the department (under the rain) and had our first day of lectures after yesterday’s IT briefing. We had James Mosley talk about the history of letterforms and Gerry Leonidas to talk about the course, the reading list and in general how Reading approaches typography and research in this field in general.

Gerry & Dwiggins

The picture above is Gerry showing us an original of the famous Dwiggins letter, and comparing to a printout from a PDF. The point he was trying to make is that seeing this stuff with your own very eyes is completely different than seeing a reproduction, and that the MATD course will be a very hands-on experience for us, especially with the wealth of material that’s in the department, which we will go through in due time.

Yesterday night we went to the postgraduate party – which was OK – then came home and had some real fun with Claus, Émilie, Camille, Gesine and Eben until 3 in the morning, trying not too make too much noise because of the neighbors. This is a great way to start the first week!


Blogger Jean-Baptiste said...


07 October 2008 21:59  
Blogger Antonio Cavedoni said...

Émilie Rigaud, a classmate of mine from Paris. Hope the accent is correct.

07 October 2008 22:01  
OpenID typemi said...

the wealth of material that’s in the department, which we will go through in due time.

The department's resources are evil: when you have time you're not that interested in them, and when you're interested in them you don't have time to spare. And they're definitely a good excuse for procrastinating the work on the typeface or the research for the dissertation too. But if you don't get carried away too much by the wealth of material, the time that you "spend" looking at it undeniably worth it.

07 October 2008 23:45  
Blogger ontheroad said...

Ciao Antonio!

We met in Brighton last year.
Congratulations, I'm happy to see that you are at Reading = doing well!
Mh, actually I'm rather terribly envious...

Buon lavoro e salutami Eben!
Elena Albertoni // Berlin

10 October 2008 10:52  
Blogger piccic said...

typemi (Miguel?) is perfectly right…
In general, I mean… :=|

La Collina della Volpe? La volpe sei tu? :P
Io non ci salterei fuori con l'Inglese: sto realizzando che sei molto più capace di me…
Poi inizio a vedere quanto ogni lingua è indissolubilmente legata alla cultura e… no, al momento non mi trovo davvero a "pensare" in Inglese…

I have replied to your email about the briefs. Sorry for the delay… :=)


14 October 2008 19:09  
Blogger Antonio Cavedoni said...

Miguel: indeed. The thing is I’m so obsessed with type at the moment I just can’t get enough of the stuff that Michal Twyman is showing us. Tomorrow we have an introduction to the resources in the department, which I’m very looking forward to.

Elena: yes, of course I remember you! Thanks, I’ll do the best I can this year!

Claudio: I’m not exactly a fox, but I’m disguising myself pretty well. Kidding aside, I still think you should come over to Reading for a weekend or so, and just have a look at the place. I think you’d like it very much. Don’t worry about your English, none of us is a native speaker: we have this joke about Foxhill (the house where I live) being actually in Switzerland because we speak Italian, German and French in the house. So come over!

14 October 2008 22:47  
Blogger Mathieu said...

Absolute and implacable truth come out from Miguel's keyboard.

15 October 2008 00:10  

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