Thursday, 2 October 2008

Do Me a Flavour

I’ve been in the UK since last saturday but I’m still trying to find my way around this place. I’m living in a shared apartment in Foxhill road: me, Camille (French) and Gesine (German) call it “the small flat with the BIG personality” because it’s tiny, but it’s also a really cozy place.

Right now I’m on the couch checking email and stuff with Camille and my laptop is just so noisy it’s driving me mad, I hope to get a replacement really soon. Apart from it, I sorted some of the tasks for this week like getting the student card but didn’t quite manage to sort out the bicycle issue (me, Gesine and Camille want one but it’s difficult to find second hand bikes in town). I was thinking about sports stuff for a change, but I’m way too lazy.

We also had the first introductory welcome meeting to the department yesterday, where we got to know each other a bit better and got some security information and a general introduction to how the course it’s gonna be. The outcome is that we’re all very excited of starting but also somewhat scared at the sheer quantity of stuff we’re supposed to work on. But hey, that’s why we’re here in Reading!

Yesterday we also had Claus, Amélie, Gro, Eben and Julia coming over to Foxhill after dinner and Claus (far out there guy!) came up with the “do me a flavour” moniker when I tried feeding him some typical English salt and vinegar crisps.

All in all I’m well, Foxhill is starting to feel like home and I’m really looking forward to get the ball rolling on the type front. Cheers!


OpenID typemi said...

Getting a bike is a very good idea. I also had a hard time finding one in second hand. The ones I found were almost as expensive as a new one, so I bought a new one... at Toys R Us :^) I think it was about 70 or 90 quid. Dan Rhatigan ended up buying it when I left Reading. So check out the TRU store

02 October 2008 22:45  
Blogger Ben Kiel said...

Berkshire Cycle Co, on Wokingham Rd. has (or at least had) used bikes for sale. I got mine there for around 60 quid I think.

03 October 2008 03:50  
Blogger Antonio Cavedoni said...

Hey guys, thanks for the tips. The good news is that we actually found some bikes for us: one is Yvonne’s bike that used to belong to Gerben, the other is from a guy that Eben got in contact with at the student’s building down in the campus. Oh, and there’s Mathieu’s bike in the house as well.

The bad news is that they all need some fixhing. Yvonne’s bike and Dale’s bike have back tyres (English spelling!) that need to be looked at because we don’t seem to be able to pump air in them in any way. Mathieu’s bike is good, but doesn’t have any brakes.

BTW Ben: I did go to Berkshire Cycle down the road, but they don’t have used bikes at the moment. They do have some new ones for about 90 quid or so. We may actually go there and ask for help with the repair of our own ones, but thanks anyway for the tip.

03 October 2008 20:03  
Blogger Ben Kiel said...

Ah, that's too bad that they didn't have anything used, but that was 4 years ago...

The bike shop down in town center is pretty good for parts/tools/etc.

05 October 2008 13:45  

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