Wednesday, 1 October 2008


Hello typeheads, let me introduce you to the new and improved version of the series of letters formerly known as Dispatches from Bristol but also known as Dispatches from Japan at some point and as Readying for Reading for quite a while as well. We’re dispatching right on your personal computing device from Reading, a little town in the south of England just over the left hand side of London.

My name is Antonio Cavedoni and I’ll be your host through this journey from a little happy house in Foxhill road, 81. Apparently it’s going to last a year here in Reading, from October 08 to October 09. Like the former series you’ve been enjoying, in this one we’re going to be mostly complaining about the weather but also talk about typefaces, junk food and possibly some more off the cuff remarks about the smell of things, the colour of the sky and the temperature in the house (hint: quite cool at the moment).

I’ll also be entertaining you with the occasional out of focus picture, or something. Be sure to enjoy the process and to generally take it easy, ’cause to us this year will be a BIG DEAL. Be also sure to let go of your ego, embrace your failures and generally acknowledge that yes, you’re wrong, ’cause I’ll have a hard time at it!


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