Sunday, 21 September 2008

Burn Before Reading

Antonio Cavedoni before Reading

I went to see the Cohen brothers’ Burn After Reading yesterday night so I couldn’t resist playing with the title of the film, sorry. I’m pretty much done shopping, I think. Now I “just” need to work my ass off all the week until it’s saturday. To the left you see me, burning in anticipation for next week – or something.

I decided I will leave Italy with my old TiBook. This machine has been beaten to death but as pathetic as it may sound I think I’ll wait until the 14th of October before getting a new one. This situation is of course terrible – I am relying on “rumor” sites in order to make a purchasing decision from a company that has disappointed me so much in the past. Meh. My TiBook barely holds together and is certainly not a very good work machine, so the first few weeks in the UK will be adventurous at best.

Julia has started a new blog where she’ll be writing about typography, MATD, life the universe and everything. I was talking about this to Amélie, another fellow MATD student, and she came up with the idea of putting together a group blog or something. We’ll talk about this all together once we’re in Reading, I think.

So much for my updates, it’s packing time.


OpenID typemi said...

I did my year at Reading using a 15in PowerBook Titanium 400MHz. It held up pretty well except the week just before submitting the dissertation. A glitch in the hard drive made the laptop unbootable. Luckily I was still able to retrieve all the data and continue working in a borrowed laptop. It was a great machine nonetheless. I held on to it until just a month ago, before selling it on eBay.
But I agree with you. That generation is pretty old, granted that at least two other generations (PB Aluminum and MBP 1.x) have already gone by. And the rumors re. new laptops in October are pretty solid. So don't worry. You'll be able to put the Titanium to rest in a month or so.

22 September 2008 02:25  
Blogger Dan said...

Hey, don't worry about nothaving a good laptop until the end of October (or even a bit later). Your work in Reading during the first month or so will consist of pencil skecthing and a lot of Reading. You'll be just fine. And then, after you buy the new whatever-machine, everyone else will be so envious. So it is win–win, really.

22 September 2008 08:48  
Blogger Antonio Cavedoni said...

Miguel, the thing is this machine struggles even to open It’s OK for running FontLab (which despite all its problems is a fairly light application) but as soon as I open Fireworks or anything else it starts falling apart. Let’s hope I won’t have to depend on it too much ;-)

Dan, I’m looking forward to the pencil sketching, thanks for the tip.

22 September 2008 20:34  
Blogger Mathieu said...

It is your own fault, why would somebody open firefox? :¬)
The MATD year is a dancing time for laptops anyway, and yes, everybody will be jealous. And guess what, if you order it from the Uni. network you are eligible for pretty outstanding discounts [including applecare for 35 pounds something]…

30 September 2008 16:58  

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