Hello, you are on the Web page of Antonio Cavedoni ¶ After 7 years working on fonts at Apple, in California, I now live & work in Milano on what I like to call “lettering at large”: research, design & engineering having to do with type, lettering, calligraphy & epigraphy ¶ I just finished working on an exhibition and catalog, the first study on Francesco Simoncini; you can read about it in this article I wrote: Behind Simoncini’s Glasses ¶ I occasionally give talks about type & lettering, for example: On Pacioli’s Letters & the Debate Between “Art” and “Science” at Kerning 2017, Typography & Fonts at WWDC 2016, and Introducing the New System Fonts at WWDC 2015 ¶ I sometimes tweet and will gladly receive your email.